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May 1, 2021

Virtual Competition

International Registration/Competition Information

*Ella versión en español esta después de la versión en inglés (Scroll Down)


Video Due Dates:

Once you pre-register, instructions on how to video your routines will be sent to you. Upload instructions for the routines, coach, and parent/fan shoutout videos will also be included.

-Video Due Date for Routines: 

-Video Due Date for Coach and Parent/Fan Shoutout Videos: 


Team Registration Fees:

-The participant fee depends on how many performers you register.

-There is a one time per person participant fee. There is no added fee for additional routines except for solos or duo performances. 

-The Fee is based on American Dollar and comparable Mexican Peso Rate


1-10    Participants $50 USD /  $1,050 MXN

11-20  Participants $40 USD /  $850 MXN

21-30  Participants $30 USD /  $650 MXN

31-40  Participants $25 USD /  $550 MXN

41+     Participants $15 USD /  $350 MXN


Solo or Duo Rate: There are two divisions. 

1 minute AllStar and 3 minute maximum time Studio Style routines.

Each Participant: $25 USD /  $550 MXN

Method of International Payment: Paypal

PayPal Payment Information is placed at the bottom of the Registration Form


Uniforms/Costumes are not Mandatory:

We understand that many teams have not had time to order custom uniforms. Team practice wear is acceptable. 


Divisions and Safety Guidelines:

Once we receive your registration we will find out what safety and performance guidelines your teams follow. We will confirm and place you in the correct divisions or you can make modifications to subtract or enhance your routines.


In General: 

-School teams may enter and follow the guidelines established for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Teams.

-AllStar Teams will follow and enter the guidelines established at ICU/Worlds for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Teams.



U.S. Spiritleaders will combine or separate divisions depending on the amount of entries we receive. All changes to the line up will be approved by the team coaches’ that this concerns.


-Hip Hop



-Variety/Team Performance


Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced






-Sr. Prep/J.V.





Send us any questions that you might have or if you need any assistance in registering your teams. 

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