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U.S. Spiritleaders Division Explanation 

U.S. Spiritleaders recognizes that teams attend other competition events. Because of this fact rules and guidelines are constantly changing.The most current safety rules and guidelines for cheer and dance teams are available in the PDF forms listed below.


  • School Teams may perform skills that are accepted by Varsity Brands, JAMZ, and U.S. Spiritleaders sponsored competitions. U.S. Spiritleaders Safety Rules reflect these organizations guidelines which follow AACCA Rules and can be found in the PDF areas of each competition site.

  • All Star Teams may perform skills approved by the U.S. All Star Federation ( and ICU.  

  • Questionable Skills It is the responsibility of all coaches to send in a video of any skill that could be illegal or fall within a gray line of legality to the U.S. Spiritleaders office one month prior to the competition date for approval.

  • All individual entrants must comply with the same rules and guidelines for the team division level that corresponds to their entered division. 

  • Placement and Judges Rulings All Judges rulings on the day of the event can only be questioned within one week following the event, in writing to the U.S. Spiritleaders office. It is the right of U.S. Spiritleaders to change placings within one week of the event. All teams in the division will be notified of such changes if they occur.



Eligibility, Crossovers, Changing Divisions


  • School Entrants may not compete in both Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice levels. and must be registered students of the school they are representing. A person may not compete in the JV and Varsity Division.

  • All-Star and Open Entrants All-Star and Open Entrants must follow the most current USASF/NACCC eligibility guidelines and cross over rules.

  • CrossOvers: There will be no special considerations for changing of uniforms, practice, or times between performances. No exceptions will be made in changing the order of appearance in the line up.

  • Changing Divisions: A team cannot move down a level after the preliminary order of performance has been posted.

  • Penalty: Any team or group/soloist will be disqualified for violation of any of these eligibility rules.


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